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First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday

This week’s ‘First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday’, hosted by ‘Bibliophile by the Sea’ is from ‘The Hours’ by Michael Cunningham, a book which I bought from my local charity shop, for the vast amount of 50 cents!

Mrs Dalloway

There are still the flowers to buy. Clarissa feigns exasperation (though she loves doing errands like this), leaves Sally cleaning the bathroom, and runs out, promising to be back in half an hour.

It is New York City. It is the end of the twentieth century. The vestibule door opens onto a June morning so fine and scrubbed Clarissa pauses at the threshold as she would at the edge of a pool, watching the turquoise water lapping at the tiles, the liquid nets of sun wavering in the blue depths. As if standing at the edge of a pool she delays for a moment the plunge, the quick membrane of chill, the plain shock of immersion. New York in its racket and stern brown decrepitude, its bottomless decline, always produces a few summer mornings like this; mornings invaded everywhere by an assertion of new life so determined it is almost comic, like a cartoon character that endures endless, hideous punishments and always emerges unburnt, unscarred, ready for more. This June, again, the trees along West Tenth Street have produced perfects little leaves from the squares of dog dirt and discarded wrappers in which they stand. Again the window box of the old woman next door, filled as it always is with faded red plastic geraniums pushed into the dirt, has sprouted a rogue dandelion.

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Books, First Paragraph Tuesday, Reading

First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday

This feature, hosted by ‘Bibliophile by the Sea’, encourages readers to post the first chapter of a current read, or future read.

This week’s first paragraph comes from Rachel Hore’s novel ‘The Silent Tide’:


East Suffolk Coast, 31 January, 1953.

She couldn’t say at first what woke her.

It was dark, very dark- and cold, a penetrating icy cold. Even under the bedclothes she shivered. Something was different; all her sense told her this. Outside, the wind was up, scuffling about under the eaves of her wooden beach house, shaking the glass in the windows, setting off strange creaks and sighs around her, as though the house was shifting and muttering in its sleep. There was an odd smell, too, of something dank and salty, and a trickling sound like rain in the gutters. She threw back the blankets ans swung her feet to the floor-only to snatch them back as they met several inches of water.

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New Blog!

So, this blog has found a new home and has a new name! The reason I decided to move to a different blogging platform, was because I was finding Blogger infuriating.

I couldn’t edit or delete my blog lists and inexplicably, all of the photos I had posted over the years on the blog, had completely disappeared. It’s sad, because I had been writing the old blog for many years, so it feels weird to be away from that, but hopefully Tumblr will be the way forward.

Anyway, I hope that I can hang on to my loyal readers and look forward to meeting new bloggers!

On other news, I’m slowly getting back to writing again. Since my dad passed away in December, it has been difficult to return to the things I once enjoyed. Going back to reading what I have of my book so far, has been interesting and exciting. I’ve already started to plan new pieces of the story in my mind, I just have to find the time (and discipline!) to sit down and write more.

For now though, I’m excited to see what this new blog will bring!

Until the next time, I’d be intersted to hear your thoughts on how the new blog looks.