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First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday

This feature, hosted by ‘Bibliophile by the Sea’, encourages readers to post the first chapter of a current read, or future read.

This week’s first paragraph comes from Rachel Hore’s novel ‘The Silent Tide’:


East Suffolk Coast, 31 January, 1953.

She couldn’t say at first what woke her.

It was dark, very dark- and cold, a penetrating icy cold. Even under the bedclothes she shivered. Something was different; all her sense told her this. Outside, the wind was up, scuffling about under the eaves of her wooden beach house, shaking the glass in the windows, setting off strange creaks and sighs around her, as though the house was shifting and muttering in its sleep. There was an odd smell, too, of something dank and salty, and a trickling sound like rain in the gutters. She threw back the blankets ans swung her feet to the floor-only to snatch them back as they met several inches of water.

Would you read on?


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